Thursday, June 5, 2014


it's been an interesting spring so far. the sun is warm and inviting, and the air is cool most days. in other words, ahhh perfect weather. also very helpful for getting yard work done.. and the whole house comes out to play. our friends upstairs have decided to try their hands at gardening this year with us, and have started some cukes from seed. also, their pepper patch is coming along nicely.

the entrance to the main kitchen garden is lined on either side with strawberry plants. they're already producing fruit, but it's up to us to beat the squirrels to the finished product. once they fill in, they'll make a really nice perennial ground cover to keep the soil together. most of the outer edges of the food garden are now perennial, including the far row of sunflowers that sow their own seed. with the help of the squirrels of course.

in other excitement, in the next few days the side of the house will be bursting with bright pink wild roses. what an amazing perfume.. you can smell them all the way down the road when the wind picks up. can't wait!

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