Saturday, May 31, 2014


here's a few of the animals that we are blessed to share our home with. Miss Ollie Cat was my mother's old friend who has come here for her retirement to enjoy her own space, gourmet natural food, and access to the outside world. the rest of our four-legged friends live with our other housemates.

Miss Ollie Cat

Arthur Dent




i'll have to get better photos of the other kitty upstairs, and the chinchilla! Max is my little buddy, and belongs to our good friends upstairs. i take him out to the yard with me to run around and play tug of war. he still needs a little work leash training, so we're building a routine. Squirt is an old girl, she loves to lay out in the grass and soak up the sun. Arthur has too much energy for his own good, but he's certainly entertaining. and who doesn't like cats and dragons!

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