Tuesday, October 3, 2017

2017 In the Valley- Harvest Party Fundraiser!

Hello and welcome! Sandy Shores Farm is a memorial microfarm uprooted from it's original home in Southern Ontario, and [finally!] replanted in the Upper Fraser Valley, BC. It's been a full and busy season here, from breaking ground in February to collecting and sharing bountiful harvests, to building our greenhouse for fall.

Being new to this tiny town and giving our plot such a facelift drew a lot of attention. Our little plot feeds those in our community who do not otherwise have access to fresh grown produce. Through barter, trades and sharing, our garden has had a widespread impact in our town, and no money is ever exchanged. Neighbours come to talk and share gardening tips, youngsters that visit find a newfound appreciation for vegetables [and gardening!], and the spirit of community is enlivened. We've inspired others build gardens like our own.

As our first growing season here is coming to a close, we're already thinking of spring. Because our plot is on mostly sand, we had to invest a decent sum into amending the soil. Unfortunately, we didn't quite have the funds required to enrich it to a preferable state in our first year. We had a decent yield despite the deficiencies, but further improving on our soil quality is priority number one. The more we can grow, the more we can share.

Beyond the dirt, we are designing a more efficient layout to improve yield and make all areas of the plot easier to access. We would like to include a covered sitting area nearby the cook pit, and build a couple benches and potting tables. Enthusiastic youth in our community have taken an interest in hands-on learning on the 'farm', and these additions will make it a more inviting and accommodating learning space.

To make all these things happen, we need a little help. We're not really the type to just 'ask for money' [we don't even accept money for our produce!] so we've been brainstorming ways we could generate a little extra cash. I finally decided to jump onto the Scentsy bandwagon, knowing that friends and family near and far can contribute to our project while getting something in return.

Why Scentsy?

Well, it is a memorial farm... in memory of my mom. In the last years before she passed, we discovered Scentsy together. We bonded over indulging in our favourite scents, listening to music and swapping travel stories. Having a warmer with a wide variety of scents stirring nostalgia and happy memories brought her comfort then, as it does for me now. It's a beautiful thing.

Now that I've finally found a home for myself and the memorial farm, I'm celebrating by getting my Scentsy back... and also joining the team! In doing so, our friends and family can support us while treating themselves. Every super easy holiday gift, stocking stuffer, or scent you purchase for yourself provides our farm a little dough while making your world smell amazing!

So that's it, that's the news! My online Scentsy 'launch party' is this long harvest weekend [Thursday to Sunday]. Every dollar earned from this party, or any other order through my page will be spent on improving our community enhancing, abundantly producing vegetable microfarm. If you dig the idea of kicking us a little coin while indulging in these awesome [and addictive!] products, this party is for you! Help us grow, and smell pretty too!

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more awesomeness!

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